Kape Barako

Cast and Crew
  • Lead Actors : Johnron Tanada, Miko Pasamonte, Marcus Aboga, Allan Stevens, Afi Africa, Frederick Peralta
  • Lead Actresses : Joyce Acorda
  • Year Released : 2011
  • Director : Monti Parungao
  • Producer : Treemount Pictures
  • Genre :
  • Screen Play : Lex Bonife
  • Director of Photography :
  • Production Designer :
  • Editor :
  • Musical Director :
  • Sound Engineer :

Rico (Johnron Tanada) owns a coffee shop known as Kape Barako. There was a mortgage and he has difficulty paying it because the coffee shop does not have many customers. One of the employees, Jake (Miko Pasamonte), makes a prank but accidentally, his 'juice' was included in the coffee that was served to one customer (Frederick Peralta). The coffee with the 'ingredient' became an instant hit with the gay customers. But even with the increasing number of patrons, the coffee shop was not earning enough to pay off the mortgage which was coming due in the next several days. Fortunately, a new employee suggested a big promotion with the owner and employees giving a special number.



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